The Committee for the Development of the Lower Galilee Region. In Cooperation with the Lower Galilee Regional Council

Phase 1 in project “Hetsvakeshet​​"- reconstruction of the Kaduri school campus for the 2019/2020 school year- successfully financing the building of an elementary school campus for 150 children, grades 1-6, through donated funds.​

The Lower Galilee region, the beautiful and fertile lands stretching from Mount Tabor till Mount Arbel, from Nazareth till the Sea of Galilee, is currently experiencing a massive growth spurt, as many families are choosing to relocate to this beautiful region. This demographic increase in the region requires momentous growth and the allocation of multiple resources. The Regional Council, together with the Committee for the Development of the Lower Galilee region, view education as the spearhead, the primal focal point, of this development. Education as a means of strengthening the growing community and of shaping the next generation of future leaders. The current imperative of the council is the development and support of diverse educational institutions, as well as creating employment, industrial and housing solutions.

In September 2020, 150 students from the Lower Galilee region, do not have physical classrooms to study in.

As a result of this dire need a local community initiative, in conjunction with the committee and the regional council, have decided to rehabilitate the Kaduri school grounds which had been destroyed in the earthquake that struck the Lower Galilee Region in 2018. This decision stems from both the pressing need for new classrooms, and the desire to preserve this true historical heritage site. (For more Info)

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The reconstruction work which is already underway, is the cornerstone of a broader plan to build an innovative education campus in the “Kaduri" compound.

 Phase 1 of the project includes removing debris from the collapsed buildings and laying infrastructure and pop-up buildings to create an elementary school in the Kaduri education campus in time for the upcoming school year (September 2020), as a solution for those 150 elementary aged students who currently have no other alternative.

The reconstruction work is already underway and phase 1 of the project is the single plausible solution available to meet the dire need of these students.


The budget available to the Regional Council is not sufficient to open the doors of the school by the upcoming school year.

We have less then nine months to build a school from the rubble. We are well on our way, but are roughly $ 1,000,000 short of the funding necessary for building a worthy school for our students.

We turn to you to ask for your assistance in raising the necessary funds for opening the doors of our school in September 2020.


Phase 2 of the project (which will commence in conjunction with the completion of phase 1) plans for the expansion of the school to support approx. 560 students, grades 1-8, as part of the Council's plan of creating a large-scale educational campus which will include schools, pre-schools and a local community center.

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The grounds of the Kaduri school destroyed in the strong 2018 earthquake in the Lower Galilee region (​m/3171243), was a logical and natural choice by all parties involved, stemming from a clear desire to preserve and rehabilitate this historic landmark. The structure brought down by the earthquake was a true heritage site, one of oldest agricultural schools in Israel, in which walls Yitzhak Rabin, Yigal Alon, and scores of Palmach fighters and Israeli pioneers, founders of the state of Israel, received their education.


The reconstruction work, which is already underway, is the cornerstone of a broader design to build an innovative and diverse educational campus, housing multiple schools purporting advanced teaching methods, designed to fully meet the needs of the families, both old and newly relocated, in the Lower Galilee region.


Mr. Nitzan Peleg, head of the Regional Council, has successfully managed to provide a basic budget for this project, despite Israel's complex political situation, under a temporary transitional government with ongoing budgetary freezes and massive budgetary cuts in government offices.


 The residents of the Lower Galilee community are fully on board with this project, and many donors are already donating their time, money and professional skills since this project's inception.

However, the funds available to the council are not sufficient to meet the basic needs necessary to open the school for our students in the upcoming school year.